CPK Links

CPK links! I'll try to keep these updated, taking out the dead links and putting up new ones as I find them. In alphabetical order:

Official Cabbage Patch Kids Site
The official site, where you can buy most current lines, Babyland exclusives, and other fun stuff.

Open Cabbage Forums
Here is a place for CPK moms and dads to talk and get information and make friends!

Kids Only Club
A fun sort of in-character forum for the CPK kids that has games and other activities.


Jelly Bean's Cabbage Patch
General info about the Coleco 'Kids and lots of pictures.

Diana's Patch
Information about Colecos, Custom rerooting, and other great stuff.

Second Chance Orphanage
Adoptions with very reasonable prices.

Kendra's Kids
Re-adoptions, pictures of webmaster's clan, and random cool stuff.

My Cabbage Patch Kids
This collector shows off her collection and shares information about the Colecos. Gorgeous 'Kids here!

Autumn's Creations
Here is a tailor who makes CPK clothing!

Laura's Cabbage Patch Kids
Here is a beautiful collection and some great custom work!