I am called Cub or Hyena Cub most places online. My real name is Saber Alexander McConnell. Kinda sounds like a Cabbage Patch Kid name, doesn't it?


I can live with that.

I was born in 1976, and thus was there to see the beginning of the CPK craze. I was lucky to have parents who were perfectly fine with boys playing with girl toys and vice versa...and so when these guys came out, I fell in love with them. Most the adults (my mom included!) seemed to think they were ugly...but most kids seemed to love 'em. Mom eventually came around, though.

My current 'Kids will be showcased on a different page, but below, please find certain photos from my life. Of course if this kind of photo bores the pants off of you, feel free to get right to the good stuff!

(Click a pic for a bigger pic.)

Aren't I adorable? This is me, on the day of my birth in Phoenix, Arizona. Dashing OB shirt, isn't it? Heck, I even kinda LOOK like a Cabbage Patch Kid! Maybe a Coleco # 16 headmold....

I was a desert rat in my early years! Still am, at heart. Aside from the toys I liked, which ranged from dolls and ponies to trucks and toy swords, I loved nothing better than to go out and explore the desert. I learned quickly that I hated chollas (those cacti had it in for me) and that rattlesnakes were not nearly as common in settled areas as everyone who doesn't live in Arizona things they are. I never saw one, anyway. My mom saw a Gila Monster when she was a kid, though. Scared the crap out of her!

Maybe in the miles and miles of open desert between towns there were more creatures, but not in Phoenix, even if there was a lot more desert when I lived there.

We moved around a lot as a kid, so it was tough to make friends. But I had my toys and a fantastic imagination.

When CPKs came many others..I was hooked.

Here are my first and second CPKs--I do not have these anymore, not becaue I didin't want them, but because when I accidentally left them outside one evening, someone stole them. >:C

(Scary bedding. I loved red, white, and blue together.)

I am pretty sure I knew who it was, but we couldn't exactly accuse them without proof. :sigh:

Their names were Cassidy Angus and Ivy Rosanna. I do remember that.

My dad worked at Montgomery Wards, and when CPKs were nearly impossible to find, the people who worked there (Dad worked in sales, but I don't know if other departments got to also) were allowed to take one of the CPKs home. That was Cassidy.

Ah, my old Polaroid. I miss it.

Hm. They look like they might have been both #2 molds. I have a better pic of Cassidy and I can tell he's a 2....but they both look a lot alike, so they might both be. That was one of the most common molds that year.

My big brother got me a replacement the next year for Christmas. He was 7 years older than I, and he had a job, and what impressed me the most about it was that he used his own money.

To a kid who only got allowance, that was a big deal. The new baldy was Nelson Edgar. The girl I got later on (one of the first big-ish things I got with my allowance...took me weeks, because she was 30 dollars) was Hester something. She was a Cornsilk 'Kid which I believe were new that year.

Other things I loved at that time were My Little Ponies, Rainbow Brite (I was always a sucker for rainbows), He-Man, ThunderCats, She-Ra, and Transformers. (I also loved reading, art, climbing, and being a desert rat.)

The summer after fourth grade, we moved to Nebraska...I hate Nebraska, and it's all because of the weather. (Though...Omaha has THE best zoo I've ever been to.) But I HATE snow, I HATE cold, and I miss the desert.


Here are the first two kids that did NOT get stolen. Ever since I was a little kid, I thought red hair was the coolest looking...that never changed, either. I get redheaded 'Kids when I can. Someday I will get a pair of red-headed boy twins in the box. I always wanted those as a kid, but they were way too expensive for us to afford.

Most of the kids I knewat that time, boy or girl, were "too old" for baby dolls. I had additional interests, too, but I still liked my toys. (Though I never could find out when and on what channel ThunderCats was when we got to Omaha. The last episode I specifically remember watching was "The Trouble With Thunderkittens", which was one of the last episodes of season 1. But I digress.)

When I got into junior high, we lived in a place that had a lot of younger kids around to play with. I always loved kids, even when I was one, and they were a lot more fun to hang out with than the other junior high school kids. All they cared about was looking cool and members of the opposite sex. >P

So I got to play with my CPKs a lot at my younger friends' houses. That was when I got Michaela, the Splashin' Kid, and later on, some of the early Hasbro ones.

I got several other CPKs, some new, some not. They included a Bean-Butt baby, a Sippin' Baby, and my Cornsilk Hester. Nelson Edgar, Michaela Lee, and Landon Parker were there too of course. Here is a picture of all of them in the Halloween costumes I made for them. Also a few random dolls that had a similar size from when I was little. This was when I was in high school.

Yes. I still liked dolls. It was getting more of a collector's hobby than to play with, though.

The little ghost is a Hasbro Babyland Baby...I had to do a ghost, because his PJs ARE his body, and don't come off. I did not like that much. It was Hasbro by then, though I did not realize it at the time, and Hasbro loved kids with sewn-on clothes.

After high school, I got away from CPKs and other toys that girls liked--I was going through a major macho mode :P--and I was also in a full-blown geek-obsession with Star Trek, Star Wars, and a few other things I can't remember.

Unfortunately, several years later, when I didin't think I was going to collect anymore, I sold several of them. I had discovered ebay (which was reeeaaaally simple back then) and was selling vintage toys.

My other kiddos stayed in bins (I was hard-core collecting vintage ThunderCats during that time) until I found them again while looking through the boxes in the garage. My CPK love rekindled and I began collecting again.

Mostly I scoured thrift shops--I oftrn found the older Coleco and Hasbro ones, though those got scarcer as time went on.

I still find them in thrift shops--heck I found my first Jesmar at one--and he has freckles--and a Splash and Tan, but I find a LOT more Mattels and Play Alongs now. I did find a TRU kid once, though. That was awesome.

Anyway-I still collect them. I have a load of them and I will get more. My eventual goal when I can afford them is to get one of each headmold, and one from each of the lines I like. (I don't care for the 7 and 8" ones or the Babyland and Cuties and the like, but I am getting to like the Garden Fairies, blast it. Nuts to them and their adorableness! They do not play fair.)

Now I have two waterbed from when I was ten (technically it was Mom and Dad's waterbed, which is a king), and a raised captain's bed I had to use when were in a small-ish apartment and had no room for the waterbed. Now that I can use my waterbed, the other one holds my 'Kids!

And here I am with my current clan. (As January 20, 2014. I have gotten mroe since then.) There are 103 'Kids in this picture...not including me. And more will be added. XD

And now, on to the CPK-O-Rama!