Cub's Clan

So! Here be my extensive clan! As of January 22, 2014, my collection was up to 103--at least one 'Kid from each company that produced them, and from several different CPK lines. I will intro them in small groups below. C: Note: Most of these names were chosen by me...the only exceptions are my childhood 'Kids and a couple of others, like Zora Mae.

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I guess I should show you my only three remaining childhood kiddos first. From left to right: Nelson Edgar, Michaela "Mick" Lee, and Landon Parker.

They are a 5, a 20, and a 1.

Here are some more Colecos! These are my favorites, other than my childhood ones. From left to right: Zikinda Dziko, Piper Saige, Lorcan Madock, Quill Hyperion, and Amanda Jaden.

They are couple of 3s, a 1, a 4, 3, and a 12, one of my favorite headmolds. I like 3s, too.

Next--more Colecos! They're my favorites. Here we've got Nicolo Gaetan, Dusty Acacia, Rory Lachlan, Samantha Ivy, and Razi Namir.

They are molds: 3, 9, 49, 12, and 4.

My last three Colecos and a transitional Hasbro with a Coleco mold. From left to right: Kekoa Akamai, Acacia Demeter, Bridger Briley, and Archer Storm.

They are: A couple of 8s, a 3, and a 5.

Next--my Hasbros! Left to right as usual:

Blaze Rigel, Savannah London, Cory Tegwyn, Summer Dakota, Vander Kaden, Kyler Trayton, and Sebastien Cade.

Headmolds: ST (3), K5 (2), 5 (2), KR (2), T10 (5), P13 (4), and B22 (3). (Headmolds got weird after Coleco.)


Next, some Mattels! Calypso Scout, Jado Zev, Leelanee Ansley, Journey Dale, and Tamatha Rain.

Headmolds (as weird as the Hasbro ones): MSK 2B, HB SB (2), CB 39B, CK 44, and CB 48

The rest of my Mattels and my lone TRU CPK. Tem Leander, Keira Raven, Zi Xin Fen, and Meadow Reilly.

Headmolds: K6, HB LL2, MB 1, and HB LL2

Play Alongs!

Echo Jalen, Simza Nuri, Ace Tenley, Eniko Cadence, and Kimbra Sun

Headmolds: PA-7, PA-23, PA-12, PA-02NH, JP-09KB

And here be Phoenix Dale, Ambara Birch, Vasanti Kai, Zanita Xavia, and Akela Ka'eo.

They are: PA-6, PA-24,
Coleco replica 4, PA-5N, and PA-7N

America Braeden, Rainbow Cloud, Keitha Tam, Aislin Hadley, and Heather Brynn.

Here are headmolds: PA-20, PA-19, PA-18, PA-4N, aaaand PA-24N.

Skylar Bright, Saida Koume, Diego Sebastian, Keiko River, and Sariah Falon.

Molds: PA-17, PA-15, PA-14NH, PA-15, and PA-11N

Kyoto Il Sung, Kierce Briar, Willow Hawk, Eiry Camryn, and Avani Kyra.

PA-2, PA-24N, PA-38N, and PA-13N

Sierra Kya, Sagira Sea, Amare Brin, Kamari Aubree, Lukas Quinn, Rusty Tucker, and Na'ifa Nai

Calista Justice, Dannika Teagan, Robin Rhee, Abrienda Flor (lying down), Caprice Ann, Kendrix Wind, and Jordan Mist

Aidan Sol, Kalinda Jai, Zora Mae, Kaida Star (lying down), Amber Hue, Katniss Moon, and Zakira Keegan

Colton Gage, Dustin Kemp (in Colton's lap), Damon Cael, Timber Azura, Dennis Isaac, Serenity Blythe, and Ryder Trace.

Cheyenne Kavari (little one), Calliope Dex, Blade Collier, Tyler Rose, Kaiya Ki (in Tyler's lap), Dolly Brook, Sumitra Caoll, and Denim Cierra.

Artemus Zeppelin, Chronos Langdon (twins), Demetrius Coll (way in back), Galaxy Eck (lying down), Keena Komali, Quintus Reed, Nakenda Nix, and Ashanti Peck.

Avari Cosma, Arcturus Dell, Orion Zane, Daisy Aleira (front), Cori Gallifrey, Maliha Zen, and Kiva Coye

Malachai Keirans, Caleigh Ull, Yuridia Tik, Braxley Luxx, Harvest Fall, Autumn Dawn, and Callixte Hero

Calla Lily, Navigator Kit, Ireland Wren, Pepper Tanith, Dustin Royce, Analia Jules, Nova Greer, Brona Til, and Calix Zander

Yukiko Yash, Sabra Iris, Kessel Daire, Leelee Rai, Fawn Coralii, and Sparrow Jane

Anniston Io, Fiadh Imogen, Merrigan Pond, Violet Snow, Tristan Coby, and Quinntana Lyre