Here are the updates to this site, with the oldest at the bottom, the newest at the top:

March 28-29, 2016
Added MIB pic to Splashin' 'Kids and added several new lines, such as TRU 20th Anniversary, Mattel's Garden Fairies, and...ah to blazes with it, there are too many to list here individually. Just go to the CPK Lines page and check 'em all out. XD Look for those that have NEW! in front of them. (The new ones from March 25th still have their NEW! tag as well.)

March 25, 2016
Added a T8 mold in Coleco Headmolds and CK17 to the Mattel molds. Added Babyland Chicks and Babyland Kids to the CPK Lines. Also added MIB picture to OlympiKids.

March 17, 2016
Wow, it's been over a year. Well, a lot of crap happened in my life, the biggest of which is that my mother passed away in December. So. Most of my new kids are from her collection--we both collected--though I do have a few that I got myself. Anyway. Here's to you, Mom. Love ya.

Anyway. Just the one update today--all my newest 'Kids. Here. (They're the last five pics with the 'Kids against a dark gray fabric (my couch). Also, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wear green. Good for CPK, too.

September 6, 2014
Three headmolds added: Coleco 18, Play Along JP44, and Play Along JP10KB.

April 17, 2014
New lines: Twins!

February 14, 2014
New lines: Teeny Tiny Preemies, 25th Anniversary "Original" kids, and added a new pic to the Play Along Newborns. Also, added new kids to my clan.

February 7, 2014
Added new pics to Circus ‘Kids, Cornsilks, Holdlin' Hands, Preemies, Babies, Kids, and Toddlers.
Also new lines: World Travelers and Friends. Added #19 to the Coleco Headmolds.

February 4, 2014
Additions: Dirty to Clean Newborns, Bath Babies, and Fun to Feed.

January 31, 2014
More lines: Sippin' Babies, Mattel Newborns, Mattel Babies, Fun Bubble Babies, Baby's First Haircuts, Fashionality, and Little Sister/Big Sister.

January 28, 2014
More lines, yay! I might actually get this page someday. Baby Giggles, Classic ‘Kids, Magic Touch Colorsilk, Circus ‘Kids, Snacktime 'Kids, Olympikids.

January 25, 2014
Added even MORE lines! : D Big Kids, Pretty Crimp 'N' Curl, TRU 'Kids, PA Babies, and My First Steps.

January 24, 2014
yet more lines: Easy to Style Crimp 'N' Curl, Kissin' Kids, Poseables, Ruff 'N' Tuffs, Zora Mae, Little Lullabyes, Little Boys, Brushin' Teeth Babies, Surprise Newborns, and Play Along Newborns.

January 23, 2014
Added the following lines to the "Lines" page: Babies, Babyland Bunnies, and Preschoolers. Also History.

January 22, 2014
Picture of me and my clan added to the "about cub" page and the "cub's clan" pages. Added "'Kids", "Preemies", and "Babies" to the Coleco lines.

January 20, 2014:
So...seven months later, I update this blinking site. LOL Way to go, Cub. Anyway...I have updated my clan. I've gotten loads more CPK--they can be found here! The last six pics are the new ones. I have also opened a Facebook account for the site! That way anyon who wants can subscribe to it and see whatever updates I make when I make them. Not that you should expect regular updates... lol But this site I intend to be huge and awesome, so hopefully I will continue to work on it. C:

Also, I made a Facebook page for the site so people can contact me! : D That is HERE.

June 6, 2013:
Added links to a few CPK lines (Cornsilk, Holding Hands, Splashin' Kids, Talking Kids, and Toddlers) and fixed some mistakes.